Free online games about warships

Browser game Battleship is a fascinating war on ships in the sea, a simulator of pirate life and exciting adventures on the vast expanses of the watery surface. The main character begins life from scratch – the sudden awakening of the underwater monster breaks into the chips a mighty fleet, and the lifeboat on the waves is all that remains of the former power.Challenge the fate

Popular games on ships mean the availability of a variety of means of transportation. Register and play for free, carry out assignments for local residents, save money and experience, grab pirate schooners and build your own flotilla. Before each captain there are only two ways – to sink someone else’s ships or go to the bottom!

Install a warrior in the sea, using an explosive mixture of magic and technology! All battles take place in a step-by-step mode – demonstrate the skills of the strategist and tactics, develop a winning scenario of the upcoming battle and smash the fleet of the enemy to the nines! Of course, the experience of successful actions comes gradually – but a well-designed system of quests gradually acquaints players with all tactical capabilities and techniques.

Realistic military games on ships are impossible without allies – in battle they are controlled by a computer, but their behavior can be influenced. Just like in life – give orders, but remember – in dangerous situations, every captain makes decisions on his own. To make them less mistaken, develop the unique skills of each ally, turning your fleet into a deadly trap for the wandering vagabonds.

Build your pirate base

Games about war on ships rarely combine several genres. Sea battle was a pleasant exception – tired of the war on ships, return to a cozy island and get busy with the arrangement of your own estate. Build large docks and a sawmill to extract resources and build a fleet. Do you want to win a war at sea? Then collect taxes from local residents, develop technology – without them to win will be very difficult.

Do you like playing military games on ships? It’s time to attend to the creation of its own invincible armada – moving through the levels, you not only to increase the combat power, but also to open the access to the new weapons and equipment.The lucky ones, playing the war, will be able to find and tame the fighting pets who help in the battles.

Five reasons to play Sea Battle

An exciting game about warships online and for free demonstrates several key differences from other projects:

individual pumping of each captain according to an arbitrary scenario;
a combination of game – warships on ships and elements of strategy;
construction of the fleet and improvement of equipment;
hundreds of locations, exciting quests, several types of PvP-battles;
large-scale battles involving the whole fleet;

Miniclip Games Platform allows you to play war games online and free at any time, fighting for the lead in the vast waters with millions of players from around the world. Be at the head of a powerful flotilla or go to the bottom!

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