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Mobile games today are similar to their console brothers. This is especially true of racing. A vivid example is the NFS or BurnOut level projects. Today we will consider Gear.Club – race, which obviously competes with Forza Horizon, which is very strange, because the developers of Test Drive Unlimited worked on the creation of Gear.Club. It would be more logical to see their transfer of chips from the TDU. But we got what we got. Download the game in Russian on android for free now.

Atmosphere – the key to success

The corporate style of the famous studio is noticeable right away, because Gear.Club is clearly knocked out of the “crowd” of other mobile races. Even those who have no idea about Eden Games, the creators, after a few minutes of gameplay will realize that the project is clearly not simple. Attention immediately attracts the graphic design. Of course, it is not the best, because the same NFS looks more attractive. But the appeal of the virtual environment is great. This is an almost perfect transfer of the atmosphere of the Cote d’Azur, considered the pearl of France. The air is saturated with happiness, freedom and joy: on the sides of the route stretches the sea horizon, somewhere near the seagulls scream, yachts sway in the distance.

Compare Gear.Club and Forza Horizon is mandatory, because these games, like no other, can convey the atmosphere of the holiday. In Gear.Club do not even want to chase after someone and win – pulls out of the car, buy a bottle of wine, sit by the shore and forget about their problems.

From arcade to hardcore


But still we have a race, so you need to tear the horses hidden under the hood, and confidently enter the turns. Do this by slowing down or at full speed, risking everything. Management is greatly affected by the settings. Fans can use the arcade mode when it’s enough to twist the device in different directions. But hardcore gamers will get a chance to show maximum skills by turning off computer assistants and removing the annoying dotted arrow from the road. Normal control buttons will appear on the screen, and then it becomes clear what physics in Gear.Club is capable of. The car will go into drifts, every turn will be a serious challenge. It will take a hundred percent, or even a hundred and twenty. True, much to count on is not necessary – no matter how thoughtful physics was not, the machine still behaves slightly arcade, adjoining the road, like a cast-iron bath.

We shave time, save the situation

Excellent opportunity – the winding of time. Having passed unsuccessfully a part of a line, it is possible to rewind all back and repeat. The more the machine is pumped, the greater the rewind is available. Sometimes enough and a couple of seconds. Interestingly, the bodies are not damaged in collisions, but after the arrival the car’s condition deteriorates slightly. This leads to the inevitable need to carry out maintenance. We must try not to ruin our iron horse in the first race, otherwise its acquisition will not make much sense – repair is very expensive.

Workshop and its chips

Between the races you can dig into the details of the car, doing its improvement and repair. There is a building of a full hangar with dividing strips, a body shop, a stand for tuning and many others. You can also add a rest room for auto mechanics – they are also people. By the way, you need to hire the others yourself. Viewing personal files and assessing the experience of employees turned out to be interesting activities. It is very unusual to scrupulously study the details.

No donation was not done

Being conditionally free, Gear.Club still found a way to justify its existence in the eyes of developers. She does this through inhuman timings. Literally all the actions here are tied on time. If you pass THAT can be minutes for five, then more complex actions will force themselves to wait up to half an hour and longer. And to speed up the time, naturally, only the gold received for donat will help (you will not be able to earn it in the game). Here is the choice: play an hour and drop the passage for an indefinite time, until all the improvements work, or spend real money and continue the race. The second option is less pleasant, but I want to continue it, because in Gear.Club the system of arrivals is well thought out, tournaments, routes, network duels and much more are constantly being opened.

If it were not conditional free-of-charge, deducing from itself the obsession, Gear.Club it would be possible to transfer safely to the best races of year. But it will fall into this list, because, despite all the flaws, the implementation of ideas in the product at the highest level:

design and graphics are cute and attractive;
management is soft;
tuning is thought out to the smallest detail;
quality is close to the console.
True, the physics is slightly oak, and the model of pumping donates is merciless. I’ll have to close my eyes to it or not play at all.

Given the need to pour in your own money, many will be interested in how to hack Gear.Club or download an already compromised apk. But such a way is not an option, because then there will be questions like “the game does not start, what should I do?”. It’s better to download the original version from google play and enjoy what’s there.

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