Subnautica is an underwater open world adventure game.

Where does the action of the game occur?

The action takes place on an unknown planet, completely covered with water. The space ship, on which our protagonist was flying, crashed. Having got out of the rescue capsule, we see how our ship is burning. We were saved only by food and water for 2 days, there is also no connection with our native planet. Here comes the time of fun (although in moments our Robinson Crusoe will not be laughing).

Game process

The game world is simply beautiful. The first dive you will remember for a long time (especially if you are a lucky possessor of virtual reality glasses). But, although the world around is beautiful, one does not feel like dying.

To simplify our life in the game there is a wonderful craft system, with which the player can build even his own underwater house with an aquarium (a little ironically). You can also create a bunch of items useful for survival in the underwater world, such as fins, improved scuba diving suits, air bottles, etc.


“Moth” is a small vehicle with a high speed of 46 km / h. When entering Motylok, the player’s oxygen supply is replenished, which makes it possible to swim to ocean areas that are inaccessible earlier due to lack of oxygen.
“Cyclops” is a submarine with a length of 54.5 meters, a height of 14.2 meters, a width of 12.6 meters. Serves as a mobile base for a player in ocean exploration

Interesting Facts

If you are used to the fact that the game leads by the hand and entertains, then I must disappoint you – no instructions and tips Subnautica does not. Only improvisation, only hardcore. To simplify the already difficult life of a person who was on an uninhabited planet, there is Wiki, where information on all subjects is collected and there are many useful tips for beginning researchers of this wonderful world.

There is no map in the game, but our capsule and other important objects are marked with markers.

The game world in Subnautica has changed a lot since the updates in 2016, where developers have updated the graphics, engine, and animation of the environment. After the update, the Russian version appeared, so if someone already visited this underwater world – a new dive will bring you a lot of new pleasant sensations. All the latest updates bring something new into the game, which indicates that the developers are not going to stop there.


Subnautica – this underwater world with many beauties and dangers, through which the player has to pass. It can tighten the player far not for one evening. And are there many games in which you can put an aquarium in an underwater house, you met?

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