Vertigo Racing – a fresh creation of the studio Deep Byte, decided to show us the arcade race. The publication of the project took the company Chilingo. Thanks to the use of such a famous name, the game for two months downloaded more than a million times. Even people who had not been attracted to this race before, started hanging in Vertigo Racing. Let’s see how the developers managed to secure such a success.

The “killing” of time

The obvious advantage in terms of recruiting popularity from Vertigo Racing is that it’s a timekiller. Simply put, they launch this application when they want to kill a few minutes of time, expecting something more important or just resting. Everything is very easy: the control is made by pressing a pair of buttons, and the vehicle makes the turns independently. The main task is to press the gas in time and in the right place to brake.

Filling – what awaits us?

There are ten cars and the same number of trails. To boast of a 100% passage of Vertigo Racing, you must win on every track, using all cars. Victory is achieved after the car has traveled the necessary distance. The road is divided into segments, for each of them a certain amount of fuel is allocated. The faster you go – the more chance you have to catch up to the next stretch. But constantly keep the speed will not work, because you can not fit into the rotation or crash into the obstacle.

Variety of cars

The differences between the machines are in the technical characteristics. There are cars with good speed, but bad handling. There are well-run cars, but their brakes leave much to be desired. And so on. Such details add to the gameplay variety. In addition, cars can be improved by getting bonuses for winning competitions and cups.

Where do I have to travel?

Trails are different in design, but not only. For example, you can take a level with snow – it does not just need to monitor its speed, trying to ideally enter the turn – it is also necessary to take into account the slip factor. Something is not right, the car will easily crash and take damage. By the way, the health of transport here is not infinite, so it should be protected.

You can download Vertigo Racing on android for free, and you want to play it again and again. It is available in Russian. There is even a hacked game that is downloaded on different sites. But downloading a compromised version means getting a questionable product. It is better to do without hacking. Pass all levels will be even a beginner genre, and if necessary, there is donate, with which to buy improvements for cars and open new routes.

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